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Family is the word that comes to mind when I speak about Freeburn law.

There are many things that I can say about The Freeburn Law. They made me feel like they were more than just a group people trying to win my case for their benefit. They were a team that made me feel like they were really looking out for me. The consistent communication and outstanding teamwork of Freeburn Law obtains is incredible.
Fighting for the truth and my rights as an injured employee is no easy task. So much work, research and investigating performed by Freeburn Law is what really kept me at ease. They never hesitate to contact you with new information as soon as they receive it. They’re always willing to answer any question you asked with an explanation you can understand. Although workers comp, many times are not consistent with payment to an injured employee, Ashley (one of their amazingly dedicated employees) always went to battle for me to ensure I get the money I deserve AND at a reasonable time.
I thank God for allowing me to cross pass with the Freeburn. If it wasn’t for them fighting for me I would be up to my neck in debt and homeless with my wife and a of my children.
Thank you dearly

They handled my case with ease and got more than I could ask for , I really appreciate everything the attorneys and legal assistants did for me, hopefully you don’t get hurt in a car, but if you do call FREEBURN