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Knee Injuries

The knee is the largest joint in the human body, and one of the most easily injured. Knee injuries are among the most painful and disabling that people can suffer, and the impact of these injuries can last a lifetime.

In 2014, there were 104,090 workplace knee injuries reported in the United States by private industry and state and local government, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The median number of days off reported for workplace knee injuries in the United States in 2014 was 10.

The knee is a pivotal hinge joint, which allows you to flex and extend your leg, well as to slightly rotate your body. Because the knee supports nearly the whole weight of the body, it is vulnerable to both acute injury and osteoarthritis. Some common knee injuries are:

  • A.C.L. (anterior cruciate ligament) damage
  • M.C.L. (medial collateral ligament) damage
  • P.C.L. (posterior cruciate ligament) damage
  • Torn cartilage


A knee injury can be caused by a blow or twist of the knee, from improper landing after a jump, or from too much daily stress. After suffering a knee injury, no matter what the cause, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. A knee injury left untreated can become much worse. Among symptoms of a knee injury are:

  1. Mild to severe pain in the knee
  2. Clicking or popping in the knee
  3. Difficulty walking and/or running
  4. Limited motion of the joint
  5. Tenderness with pressure
  6. Pain while squatting
  7. Knee joint locking
  8. Instability
  9. Swelling

Knee injuries are some of the most common in personal injury lawsuits and workers’ compensation claims. At the law offices of Freeburn Law, we are committed to helping victims of knee injuries gain financial recovery, so that they may then focus on gaining a full physical recovery.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious knee injury, contact the PA Knee Injury Lawyer, Freeburn Law today. Call us at the 7’s, (717) 777-7777 or complete the contact form on this page.


  • If you’ve been hurt on the job or have been in an accident, you need to protect your rights by talking to a lawyer from Freeburn Law right away.
  • You need someone on your side. The insurance company adjuster is already working on your case, but he or she does not work for you. He or she works for the insurance company.
  • Do not sign any form or document regarding your workplace knee injury, or even talk to an insurance company adjuster, before you talk to an experienced PA Knee Injury lawyer from Freeburn Law.
  • We won’t ask for money upfront. We won’t charge a fee unless we recover money for you.

Freeburn Law has several offices throughout Central Pennsylvania to better serve our clients. We have offices in Harrisburg, York, SelinsgroveKingstonLebanon, King of Prussia, LewistownLancaster, and Johnstown. If you can’t come to us, we will come to your home, or meet you in the hospital. We are available 24/7 – evenings and/or weekends.

If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you — WE MAKE HOUSE CALLS!

At Freeburn Law, we know the importance of working with a law firm that understands the medical side of knee injuries, the treatment they require, and the long-term pain and suffering that often prevents individuals from returning to work or handling other daily activities.

If your knee injury has forced you to miss work, working with a firm that understands your pain and suffering could be the difference in thousands of dollars of compensation, as well as winning your workers’ compensation case.

At Freeburn Law, we give our clients experienced legal advice. We fight against insurance companies and defense attorneys to assure that our clients’ rights are fully protected and that they receive all the compensation to which they are entitled.

You need an advocate to fight for you. The attorneys at Freeburn Law have been fighting for injured people for many years. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients since 1982.

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At Freeburn Law, we’re people just like you. We’re the kind of lawyers you can talk to. Most importantly, we’re the kind of lawyers who will listen.

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At Freeburn Law, we’re people just like you. We’re the kind of lawyers you can talk to. Most importantly, we’re the kind of lawyers who will listen.

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