Defective Medical Devices

Millions of people depend on medical devices to assist them in their recovery from injuries or to provide them relief from an illness or disease.

The problem is, medical technology progresses at a rapid rate, and safeguarding practices and testing cannot always keep pace with these advancements. The responsibility to review these advances to ensure that new medications and medical devices are safe falls on the Food & Drug Administration. Sometimes, this quality control does not happen, leaving people who desperately need these devices to suffer from the life-threatening and painful consequences of these unsafe medical devices.

This cycle results in the nationwide recall of many medical devices and medications annually. Unfortunately, many of these recalls occur long after they have been administered or implanted in patients, resulting in people suffering serious side effects or needing additional or revision surgeries. A revision surgery can often be very serious and require extensive, painful rehabilitation to recover from the damage of the original defective implant or medication.

An example of a defective medical device is Defective Hernia Mesh Implants.

Who’s to blame?

The manufacturers and sellers of these medical devices must be held accountable for the products they release into the marketplace. When medical device manufacturers try to bypass FDA regulations to cut costs, or attempt to hide dangerous product flaws, the manufacturer and seller of the product can be held responsible for the harm caused by the use of that product.

Sometimes, a product can be considered defective because there are not directions on proper usage, or clear and labeled warnings. In this case, the defect is the “failure to warn”. Some other common causes for medical device recalls include:

  • A Defective Design
  • Medical Device failure
  • Exposure to Toxic Substances from the Medical Device
  • Failure to Warn Patients of Dangers or Side Effects
  • High Occurrences of Revision Surgery from a Medical Device

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