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What is Social Security Disability Insurance?

The Social Security Administration makes Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits available to citizens who are currently disabled and unable to work due to an impairment caused by illness or injury. To qualify for SSDI, an applicant’s condition must be expected to last for more than one year or to result in their death.

Who Qualifies for SSDI?

To qualify for SSDI, an applicant must have worked long enough and paid enough in Social Security taxes to accumulate the appropriate number of work credits. The applicant must also:

  • Earn less than $1,220 each month
  • Suffer from a qualifying disability
  • Be unable to perform gainful work

The U.S. Census Bureau indicates more than 37 million Americans—some 12% of the overall population—are currently classified as disabled. When you apply for SSDI benefits, the SSA follows a five-step process to evaluate each application. The evaluation asks:

  • Are You Working?
  • Is Your Condition Severe?
  • Is Your Condition Listed?
  • Can You Do Work You Did Before?
  • Can You Do Other Work?

The SSA Blue Book is a guide which lists qualifying medical conditions. The guide is broken down by the effects of different conditions on certain systems or parts of the body.

What if Your Claim is Denied?

If your claim is initially denied, know you are not alone. Sadly, the SSA denies the majority of claims for SSDI benefits including about 65% of initial claims and around 85% of appeals. To make matters worse, an appeal can take months—or years.

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