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Workers' Compensation Claims | 2/26/2024

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Workers' Compensation Claims

Avoid These Pitfalls When Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim

If you have been injured at work, the last thing you want to do is have unnecessary delays in receiving your workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation claims are routinely denied or delayed because of routine mistakes. Working with an attorney can help you avoid these common pitfalls and ensure you receive the benefits you deserve as quickly as possible.

If you have been injured on the job, contact Freeburn Law to speak directly with an attorney. Our legal team will help you understand your rights and work to ensure you receive the maximum workers’ compensation benefits based on the circumstances of your case. Do not settle for less. Contact our office today to schedule your free case evaluation. 

What Kinds of Injuries are Covered by Workers’ Compensation

As explained by the Department of Labor & Industry, any injury, illness, or disease that was caused by your work may be covered by workers’ compensation. Injuries that are self-inflicted or caused by violating a law, however, are not covered. Therefore, any injury that results from the illegal use of drugs or as a result of intoxication may not be covered. 

Some of the most common injuries include repetitive injuries and serious injuries such as broken bones or the loss of a limb. Any time you are hurt on the job, you need to seek medical attention immediately and consult with an attorney as soon as possible to determine your legal options. 

Common Mistakes When Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

In most cases, a workers’ compensation claim is the sole remedy for someone who is injured while on the job. While the claim for workers’ compensation benefits may seem straightforward, the process can be complicated and overwhelming. Common mistakes can be costly, resulting in the loss of time and money. 

Here are 10 common mistakes to avoid when filing a workers’ compensation claim:

Failure to Report the Injury Promptly

Far too often, claims for benefits are denied because they are not filed promptly. No compensation is due until notice is given unless the employer has knowledge of the injury or receives notice within 21 days. It is essential to report the injury immediately. If you do not report your injury within 120 days of the injury, compensation will not likely be given. 

Not Seeking Medical Attention

Failure to seek medical attention or continue treatment can negatively impact your right to workers’ compensation benefits. It can also affect your recovery. Even if you are unsure about the severity of your injuries, you should still seek medical attention immediately after the incident.

Not Documenting the Injury Properly

It is essential to properly document the injury. Make sure to keep a copy of the written report you file with your employer, as well as any medical records pertaining to your injuries. The more evidence you have regarding your injury, the stronger your case will be.

Not Following Doctor's Orders

You should be following all doctor’s orders to ensure you receive the maximum benefits available in your case and to keep your recovery moving forward. Any gap in treatment or failure to follow orders may also delay your physical recovery.

Not Keeping Records of Expenses

In order to receive compensation, you need to provide detailed records of your injury-related expenses. From construction workers injured on-site to office employees suffering from a repetitive strain injury, it is essential to keep a record of any out-of-pocket costs related to your injuries.

Posting on Social Media

Posting on social media can prove costly. A picture taken out of context may suggest that you are not as severely injured as you reported in your claim. Refraining from posting on social media is strongly advised after a work injury. 

Ignoring Deadlines for Filing Claims

Failure to meet legal deadlines can result in your claim being denied. You cannot ignore deadlines for filing claims without risking your right to compensation after an on-the-job injury.

Not Seeking Legal Advice

It is imperative to seek legal advice as early in the process as possible. At Freeburn Law, we have helped numerous employees get the benefits they deserve after an injury. Learn more about us and how we can help. 

Returning to Work Prematurely

While you may start to feel better, it is critical to wait to return to work until you have been released by your doctor. Returning to work prematurely could cost you your benefits and may make your injuries worse over time.

Accepting a Settlement Without Legal Review

You should never accept a settlement without first consulting with an attorney. Far too often, unrepresented injured workers end up accepting a settlement offer that is far less than their case is worth.

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