October 2023

Can I Still Sue If I Wasn’t Wearing a Helmet?

Your Bicycle Accident Case Doesn’t Depend on Wearing a Helmet A bicycle accident can cause severe injuries from which it can be difficult to recover. Not wearing a helmet can increase those injuries. However, it is not a legal requirement to wear a bicycle helmet in Pennsylvania. As such, whether or not you were wearing…

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What is Pennsylvania’s Cell Phone Law?

Cell Phone Use Causes Car Accidents Pennsylvania adopted a texting while driving ban in 2012, but the law does not stop all cell phone use while driving. If someone was on their cell phone and caused an accident, they may be liable even if they weren’t breaking the law. The experienced attorneys at Freeburn Law…

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Halloween Pedestrian Accidents in PA

As summer winds down and the leaves begin to fall, Americans of all ages excitedly prepare for one of the most celebrated holidays – Halloween. Every year, millions of children dressed up as their favorite characters line neighborhood streets, going door to door in the excited pursuit of treats. While Halloween is a happy time…

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