Driver Safety

New PA Law: Failure to Stop for School Bus

New PA Law: Failure to Stop for School Bus

Pennsylvania School Bus Law Changes in 2024 There are several new laws taking effect in Pennsylvania in 2024, including an update to the laws for stopping for a school bus. The new law expands the use of automated stopping arm systems to capture license plate information for offenders, changes the distance at which you must…

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Winter Driving Safety Tips

Abandoned car in the ditch after the accident. It is symbolises the dangerous conditions in winter with ice, snow and snatch.

Don’t Let Winter Driving Dangers Ruin Your Season Pennsylvania gets its fair share of snow, sleet, and rain in the winter months, and this often leads to more car accidents. These accidents are often preventable, and it is important to know how to be safe in the winter. Following these tips will also help ensure…

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What is Pennsylvania’s Cell Phone Law?

Cell Phone Use Causes Car Accidents Pennsylvania adopted a texting while driving ban in 2012, but the law does not stop all cell phone use while driving. If someone was on their cell phone and caused an accident, they may be liable even if they weren’t breaking the law. The experienced attorneys at Freeburn Law…

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Halloween Pedestrian Accidents in PA

As summer winds down and the leaves begin to fall, Americans of all ages excitedly prepare for one of the most celebrated holidays – Halloween. Every year, millions of children dressed up as their favorite characters line neighborhood streets, going door to door in the excited pursuit of treats. While Halloween is a happy time…

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Is Pennsylvania a “No Fault” State?

What to Know About PA’s No-Fault Insurance Laws States either follow fault or no-fault insurance laws. While Pennsylvania is one of the dozen states that is considered a “no-fault” state, it allows motorists to opt out of their system. A driver in PA may therefore choose “limited tort” or “full tort” coverage when selecting their…

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Pennsylvania’s Most Dangerous Roads

Learn more about PA’s deadliest roads and most dangerous highways. Freeburn Law provides dedicated legal help for victims of auto accidents.

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Motorist Coverage – Have It, Max It, and, Stack It!

Having a motorcycle comes with a certain level of responsibility, much like owning any vehicle.  One of the first things you need to make sure you have is insurance coverage for your bike.  Not only does having proper coverage protect your motorcycle from damage and theft, but it also protects you in the event that…

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Motorcycle Accident Statistics in Pennsylvania


Crash Stats and Safety Tips for Motorcyclists Motorcyclists are significantly more likely to be hurt or killed in traffic accidents when compared to occupants of other vehicles. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to look out for bikers or follow them too closely, resulting in dangerous or even deadly collisions. At Freeburn Law, we are avid motorcycle…

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Look Out! PA Among Most Dangerous States For Winter Driving


Icy winter conditions can be dangerous for driving and cause significant damage anywhere you go. However, a recent analysis of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data from MoneyGeek revealed that some states pose more of a threat to drivers than others – and their findings may surprise you. The ranking of the deadliest states for winter…

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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is Tightening Up On Truck Safety Regulations. Here’s What You Need To Know.


Truck accidents are some of the most devastating types of collisions on the road, which warrant safety precautions and preventative measures that fit the bill. The injuries, losses, and damages one could suffer in a tractor-trailer crash can be nothing short of catastrophic – both upon impact and throughout their lifetime. Fortunately, improved truck safety…

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Evolving Safety Technology Not Accounted for in Federal Crash Tests

Car Safety Technology

When deciding on what type of car to purchase, one thing people always evaluate is whether or not the car is safe and dependable, typically relying on available crash test information provided by the government. In an effort to reduce the number of injuries and deaths on our roads, the federal government implemented crash tests…

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Study Finds Video-based ‘Threat Appeals’ May Reduce Texting and Driving

texting and driving

A new study from researchers at Penn State Hazleton and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has found that video-based “threat appeals” diminished the impulsive decision-making skills that are associated with those who text and drive. The study serves as a promising discovery as a possible means for striving to reduce – or…

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National Safety Council Raises Awareness of Distracted Driving in PA


Each day, crashes caused by distracted drivers in the United States injure 100 people and leave at least nine dead. The National Safety Council (NSC) has declared April to be Distracted Driving Awareness Month for this reason. Distracted Driving Awareness Month is an opportunity to acknowledge the dangers of, and eliminate preventable deaths caused by,…

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Dick Freeburn Talks Fall Safety on Good Day PA

Wet Leaves on Road

  With cooler weather and shorter days upon us, attorney Dick Freeburn of Freeburn Law visits ABC 27’s Good Day PA on Wednesday, November 7th to discuss useful fall safety tips to help both motorists and pedestrians avoid accidents and injuries this season. Tune in tomorrow to Good Day PA at 10 am to see…

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PA State Senate: Prior Convictions Mean Tougher Penalties for DUI-Related Vehicular Homicides

Signing Bill

  The Pennsylvania State Senate recently signed Senate Bill 961 into law. The change allows for tougher penalties for certain vehicle offenses by drivers under the influence—if the driver has previous DUI offenses on record. A link to the bill can be found here. The Purpose of the Bill Senate Bill 961 amends Title 75—the…

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Catch Attorney Freeburn Tomorrow on ABC 27’s Good Day PA Discussing Halloween Safety!


  With Halloween around the corner, attorney Dick Freeburn of Freeburn Law visits ABC 27’s Good Day PA on Wednesday, October 24th to discuss Halloween safety for young and old alike. Rules of the Road Young pedestrians are more than twice as likely to die in collisions on this night versus any other. Anyone out…

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Reminder: August is Back to School Safety Month

Back To School Safety

  In Pennsylvania, August is Back to School Safety Month. Dick Freeburn of Freeburn Law joined ABC 27’s Good Day PA to discuss tips for the coming season. You can view the segment below: School Bus Safety Tips Statistically, buses are safe. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, riding a school bus is…

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Bills Proposed to Ban Driver Handheld Cell Phone Use in PA

While a Pennsylvania law passed in 2011 prohibits texting while driving, speaking on a handheld cell phone while driving remains legal. In contrast, all of Pennsylvania’s neighboring states have enacted bans on such activity—including tough bills passed in New Jersey and New York. New bills proposed in the state seek to require the use of…

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Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Good Day PA - Distracted Driving Awareness

Every day throughout the United States, thousands of lives are lost due to distracted driving. Whether someone is adjusting the radio, sending a text, or putting directions into their GPS; taking your eyes off the road for even just one second can cause a serious accident. Attorney Dick Freeburn recently joined Amy Kehm on ABC…

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Distracted Driving Studies

Recent Studies Highlight Frequency of Distracted Driving Do you change clothes while driving? Put on your make-up? Smoke? Text? A survey was commissioned by Erie Insurance in March that showed that you are not alone. The  results of the survey showed this: 30% of drivers admitted to texting while driving. 75% saw someone else do it. 30% of drivers smoke while operating their vehicle. 4% have brushed…

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