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Can Dash Cam Footage Be Used As Evidence in a PA Car Accident Case?


An extra set of eyes is always beneficial, especially one that captures everything that happens on the road and offers essential evidence. With dashboard cameras becoming increasingly common, many drivers wonder if dash cam footage can be used as evidence in a personal injury case in Pennsylvania.

How Do Dash Cams Affect Car Accident Claims?

Dash cam footage may have a significant impact on the outcome of a car accident injury claim. It has the potential to demonstrate liability and shift the blame for damages. In some cases, the responsible party may falsify information to avoid legal responsibility. Dash cams can be an invaluable tool for recording the actions and behaviors of other drivers and is effective at disproving false claims. They are also handy because they record the full scope of an accident, including the events leading up to it and the aftermath. Footage from your dash camera may be your most important source of proof that you are not at fault and may be more compelling than any other evidence you may present, such as still photos or eyewitness testimony.

Are Dash Cams Legal In Pennsylvania?

Fortunately for drivers in Pennsylvania, dash cams are legal. However, some guidelines must be followed. A dashboard camera can be installed in Pennsylvania as long as it does not cause the driver to be distracted. This means that the device can’t have a monitor that you can look at while driving. Dashboard cameras must also adhere to Pennsylvania’s privacy regulations, which mandate that parties provide their consent to audio recordings. Drivers must give explicit warnings/signage to car occupants to record their conversations to comply with these rules. You may also opt to disable the audio recording capability on a device to avoid any legal issues.

Dashboard camera footage can be utilized as evidence in a personal injury claim as long as a driver follows the above laws. In addition, both insurance companies and the legal system can use dashboard camera footage to determine who is to blame for a car accident. While dashboard camera footage might help drivers who are not at fault in a collision, it can also be harmful if a driver makes a mistake that results in an accident. Therefore, it’s advisable to wait until a lawyer has reviewed your dash cam footage before sharing it with other parties such as an insurance company or law enforcement. 

Quality Representation for Car Accident Victims in Pennsylvania

At Freeburn Law, our experienced car accident lawyers will investigate your claim and carefully examine all evidence involved in your case. In addition, we’ll discuss whether dash cam footage may be used as evidence and how it may impact your case. Contact us today by calling 717-777-7777 or filling out a contact form online.

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