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Bike Safety Tips

Bike Safety TipsBike Safety Tips For Your Bike Rides This Spring.

In 2012, over 49,000 cyclists were injured in traffic accidents and 726 people were killed nationwide. In Pennsylvania alone, 16 people were killed. The majority of those people were between the ages of 20-34 and the accidents most often occurred on state highways. As spring and warmer weather approach, more and more people will be riding bikes. Whether you are riding a bike for exercise, transportation, or fun, there are a few bike safety tips you should follow.

1) Make sure your bike is properly functioning before getting on it. This includes your tires and brakes. In addition to having a functioning bike, make sure your bike and helmet both fit you properly.

2) Be seen. Wear reflective gear or bright, fluorescent colors. Have lights or reflective tape on your bike. Drivers can have trouble seeing you at any time of day, so make sure you are always prepared.

3) Watch out for uneven pavement, potholes, or other hazards that could cause you to crash.

4) Most of the time, it is safer to bike on the road than the sidewalk. Some places, it is even illegal to ride on the sidewalk. When you are biking on the road, make sure you are obeying all traffic laws, signaling when you want to change directions, and going with the flow of traffic.

Not only is cycling an energy efficient way to travel to work, it also has health benefits. If you are hit by a motor vehicle while you are on a bike, you could suffer from major injuries. Cyclist should take precautions to make sure they are seen and putting themselves in the best position to arrive at their destination, or completing their workout, safely. Following the above bike safety tips could help.

As with all of our tips, it is not possible to guarantee that you will stay safe if you follow these bike safety tips. If you are injured in an accident on a bike, contact experienced bike accident lawyers, Freeburn Law today. Freeburn Law has been representing bike accident victims for decades. From our many Central PA office locations, along with our willingness to travel to you, we are able to better serve our clients. For your FREE consultation, Call the 7’s, or fill out the quick contact form on this page. Call Freeburn Law. Call the 7’s. Call 717-777-7777.

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