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Dangers of Black Ice

Beware of Black Ice Conditions

Snow, ice, and  freezing rain makes winter driving hazardous. Before you get in your car to travel to work, shop or visit friends it is important to check the local weather and road conditions. Black ice or clear ice,  is a thin, transparent cover of ice on a road surface adds to the danger of winter driving. Black ice often forms in early morning and late evening when temperatures drop. Black ice can also be formed when there are periods of daytime warming and nighttime freezing. But black ice can be formed at anytime.

Areas prone to forming black ice are shaded areas; bridge and overpass surfaces; and the road surface under the overpass. Black ice has also been known to form on cold road surfaces from  warm car exhaust. Black ice is especially dangerous as it appears as a wet road surface to the vehicle driver.

If you should drive into an area  ice is important to remain calm. Keep your steering wheel straight. Do not hit the brakes, as this may make your car skid. Slow down by lifting your foot from the accelerator. If you can , get off the road or to an area that may have a clear road surface or an road area that will provide traction for your vehicle tires. It is most important to remain calm.

Knowing current and impending weather and road conditions; maintaining a safe driving speed; maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you; and, maintaining the safety features of your vehicle can help to improve your driving safety.

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