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Horse and Buggy Driving Tips

Another Horse and Buggy Accident Calls for Safe Driving Tipshorse and buggy

On December 5th, we published an article about an accident that happened earlier that week involving a horse and buggy. Last Sunday morning, a man in an SUV tried to pass a pick-up truck and ran into a horse and buggy, head on. The SUV flipped, the pick-up truck ran off the road to avoid a collision, and 5 people were sent to the hospital with injuries. In light of this accident, which occurred between Potter and Tioga Counties in Northern PA, here are some tips to follow while driving near a horse and buggy:

  • Slow down when approaching and passing slow-moving vehicles. Horses can be easily spooked, so do not blow your horn or become impatient.
  • Only pass where legal and SAFE to do so.
  • Allow for 10-12 feet between you and the slow-moving vehicle. This will allow you to appropriately respond to any sudden changes they make. Following a horse and buggy too closely can spook the horses and cause the drivers not to see you.
  • Stay back several feet when stopped behind a horse and buggy. They will roll back a few feet after stopping.

Driving in Lancaster county, or any county with a high Amish or Mennonite population or high farming population, can increase your chances of running into a horse and buggy or another slow-moving vehicle. Many of these tips can apply to slow-moving farm equipment as well as horse and buggies. As always, it is important to follow driving laws and stay alert while driving.

If you are injured in an accident and you are not the at-fault driver, you should contact an experienced accident attorney right away. Freeburn Law has been representing those injured in accidents since 1982. We have 12 locations throughout Central Pennsylvania and make house and hospital visits if our clients are unable to come to us. Call the 7’s today for a FREE consultation or fill out the quick contact form on this page. Call 717-777-7777.


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