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PA School Bus Laws: Do You Know Them?

Do You Stop For School Buses?school bus stop sign

Everyone has experienced it. You’re running late for work or a meeting and all the sudden a school bus pulls out at the stop sign and you now have to follow the school bus for who knows how long. And then the bus stops. The little red stop sign with the flashing lights extends from the left side of the bus. Do you know the law about what to do in this situation? If you are running late, are you debating breaking the law and driving around the truck since its “not a big deal”? School has been back in session for a few months, so people should be used to the school buses being on the road, but fall is turning into winter, so there are even more hazards and distractions on the road. Before you get stuck in this situation again, your experienced Central PA bus accident lawyers want to make sure you know all the facts.

Each state has slight differences when it comes to their school bus laws. In Pennsylvania, the laws are as follows:

1) You MUST stop for any bus with the flashing red lights and the stop signal arm extended. This applies if you are approaching the bus from behind, from ahead, or at an intersection, whether or not it is marked with a stop sign.

2) Stop 10 feet away from the bus.

3) You must wait until the lights stop flashing and the stop arm is fully in before moving.

4) Make sure all of the children have reached a safe place before moving.

5) You must stop if approaching the bus from the opposite direction unless there is a clear barrier in the road, such as a median, trees, etc.

But, you’re REALLY in a hurry!? Follow the law anyway, because there are some hefty punishments for not doing so:

1) 2 months suspension of your drivers license.

2) 5 points on your license.

5) $250 fine.

If you’re child is injured in an accident due to someone not following these laws, you and your child may be eligible for compensation. Contact your experienced Central PA bus accident attorneys at Freeburn Law to see if you have a case. Call the 7’s or fill out the quick contact form on this page for a FREE consultation! Freeburn Law has 12 convenient locations across Central PA and the attorneys will make house and hospital visits to better serve your needs.

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