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Return To Work Questions

Am I Entitled to Partial Wage Loss Benefits If I Return to Work, But I Am Making Less Than I Was At The Time of My Injury?

If you have returned to work but your wages are less than you pre-injury average weekly wage, and you loss of earnings is related to your work injury. Then you would be entitled to partial disability benefits. Partial disability benefits equaling two-thirds (2/3) of the difference in wage loss measured between your return to work earnings  and your pre-injury average wage up to the maximum compensation rate are payable for up to a maximum of five hundred (500) weeks of partial disability.

If I Try to Go Return to Work But Can’t Do the Job Due to My Injuries, Am I Entitled to Workers’ Compensation Loss Benefits?

Yes, if: (1) the employer’s/insurance company’s liability for your workers’ compensation claim has been or can be legally established; (2) you have not “signed off” of your claim or exhausted the five hundred (500) weeks of partial disability; and (3) you are able to prove that you are unable to work due to your work injuries.

We recommend that you get a doctor’s excuse before you take leave from work, that you notify your supervisor or employer in writing and that you give them the disability note from you doctor.

If you have questions about your workers’ compensation benefits contact the workers’ compensation attorneys at Freeburn Law. Our workers’ compensation attorneys are certified by the Pennsylvania Bar Association as Specialists in Workers’ Compensation Law. There are less than 200 attorneys in Pennsylvania that have attained this distinction.

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