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Work Injury Caused by Chemical Exposure

Is My Work Injury Caused by Chemical Exposure, Fumes, or Other Substances Covered by Work Comp?

Yes! Injuries, diseases and illnesses that are causally related to exposure to chemicals, fumes or other substances in the work place are covered work injuries. All employers and chemical suppliers doing business in Pennsylvania must provide information about the identity and hazards of chemicals used in the workplace. The identity of chemicals used in the workplace must be made available to employees and the public. It is important that employees know what chemicals they are working with and to know how to properly use and handle chemicals at your workplace.

Work Injury Caused by Chemical Exposure

Injuries due to chemical exposure can range from a minor irritant to a serious life threatening incident. It can lead to long-term disease and sensitivity to the chemical. Work Injury Chemical Exposure can affect the skin, lungs and  other organs. It can produce skin irritations or dermatitis; shortness of breath or respiratory illness, such as asthma; or,  severe burns to the skin, eyes, nose, throat or lungs if the chemical was inhaled; and other organ damage. Symptoms of chemical exposure can include, shortness of breath, burning sensations, faintness, sweating, headaches, weakness, etc.It is important to follow all safety procedures and use protective equipment when handling chemicals.

If you are concerned that you may have developed a work injury or condition that may be related to exposure to chemicals, fumes, or other substances at work, or you are concerned about the nature and extent of your exposure in the workplaces speak to your employer and your physician.

If you have been injured at work.

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