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Workers' Compensation Claims | 6/07/2018

Workers' Compensation Do’s and Don’ts!


Any work-related or on-the-job injury can bring with it the potential for long-term physical, emotional, and financial after-effects. Here are the most important things to avoid when you pursue your Workers’ Compensation claim:



  • Go to the Doctor Immediately
  • See Doctors the Insurance Chooses
  • Keep All Medical Appointments


  • Post on Social Media About Your Claim
  • Give Statements Without an Attorney
  • File Requests Without an Attorney

Remember, the big insurance companies will always make the claims process as difficult as possible for you. It is in their financial interest to not pay your claim. That is why they will always look for any available reason to reject your claim. Don't give them one.

If you or a loved one has been denied Workers' Compensation benefits to which you are rightfully entitled, call the experienced, certified specialists in Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation law at Freeburn Law for help at 717-777-7777.

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