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PA Workers’ Compensation Benefits and A Pre-existing Condition

Is My Pre-Existing Condition Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Many workers and their employers have the  misconception that a worker is not entitled to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits if they suffer a work injury and have a pre-existing condition or an underlying condition.   This is not TRUE!  If the work injury merely aggravates the pre-existing condition or underlying condition and is not the sole cause of the workers injury, then the worker is ENTITLED to PA workers’ compensation benefits.

The truth is that a worker who suffers a work related accident injury is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits even if they had a pre-existing condition, where the work accident injury aggravated that condition. The definition of a work related accident includes a pre-existing condition or underlying condition that is aggravated, accelerated, and/or becomes symptomatic as the result of work activity or exposure.

If you or a loved one has been denied workers’ compensation benefits due to a pre-existing or underlying condition, contact Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation attorneys Freeburn Law immediately at (717) 777-7777. Our attorneys have been protecting the rights of injured workers since 1982.

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