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Catch Attorney Freeburn Tomorrow on ABC 27’s Good Day PA Discussing Halloween Safety!



With Halloween around the corner, attorney Dick Freeburn of Freeburn Law visits ABC 27’s Good Day PA on Wednesday, October 24th to discuss Halloween safety for young and old alike.

Rules of the Road

Young pedestrians are more than twice as likely to die in collisions on this night versus any other. Anyone out in the community should travel in well-lit areas. Children under 12 should stay with a responsible adult at all times. Older children should stick to familiar areas—and agree to return at an appropriate time.

Safety Tips for Children

Safe Kids Worldwide offers a list of tips to ensure the safety of trick-or-treaters including to:

  • Look left, right, and left again before crossing any streets
  • Stay alert and avoid texting or staring at phones while walking
  • Stay on sidewalks, face traffic, and stay as far left as possible
  • Be sure to always stop for all cars backing out of driveways
  • Be sure to never run across streets or through intersections

To improve overall safety, the National Safety Council offers the following advice:

  • Avoid full-face masks, which can obstruct vision
  • Ensure clothing and shoes fit well so children do not trip
  • Make sure costumes, wigs, and accessories are fire-resistant
  • Place reflective stickers or glow sticks on costumes or bags

Safety Tips for Drivers

Adults and children old enough to drive should observe the following precautions:

  • The busiest time on Halloween night is from 5:30-9:30pm
  • Go slowly backing out of driveways
  • Remain alert in residential areas
  • Remain vigilant at intersections
  • Never use your phone while driving
  • Never drive under the influence

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