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Distracted Driving Studies

Recent Studies Highlight Frequency of Distracted Driving

Do you change clothes while driving? Put on your make-up? Smoke? Text? A survey was commissioned by Erie Insurance in March that showed that you are not alone. The  results of the survey showed this:

  • 30% of drivers admitted to texting while driving. 75% saw someone else do it.
  • 30% of drivers smoke while operating their vehicle.
  • 4% have brushed their teeth or flossed.
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Also in March, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety commissioned a study. Teen drivers had cameras installed in their cars which turned on whenever the driver crashed, turned too fast, or hit the brakes hard. Out of the 1,691 crash videos observed, the driver was inattentive in 58%. More details of the study can be found here.

There is some positive information to be stated here. In the AAA study, 93% of drivers were wearing seat-belts, and there were no fatalities. In general, crashes and fatalities among younger drivers has been falling.

These studies show that you are not alone in distracted driving, but two wrongs don’t make a right. Distracted driving can be fatal to you, whether you are driving, or in the passenger seat, whether you are in the at-fault car or not. Practicing defensive driving, not distracted driving, is your safest bet while on the road.

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