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Evolving Safety Technology Not Accounted for in Federal Crash Tests

Car Safety Technology

When deciding on what type of car to purchase, one thing people always evaluate is whether or not the car is safe and dependable, typically relying on available crash test information provided by the government.

In an effort to reduce the number of injuries and deaths on our roads, the federal government implemented crash tests through the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). While these crash tests and the famous five-star rating system have been employed since the 1970s, they have failed to change with the times – more specifically the newer safety technology such as blind-spot detectors and emergency braking systems.

Creating Test-Worthy Vehicles

Once automakers recognized the gaps in testing, they began manipulating the program. They would produce vehicles that met necessary requirements in order to pass the tests but did not design vehicles that were necessarily as safe in real-life execution. This has been evidenced through the large amount of four and five-star rated vehicles, prompting safety groups like Consumer Reports to claim the test is too easy to pass.

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety have called for the federal government to enhance and upgrade three things:

  1. Crash Tests
  2. Methods to improve pedestrian and bike safety
  3. Crash test dummies

Since there are various types of crash tests (i.e. front, rear, side), there are also various types of crash dummies. One of the largest requests of the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety is to upgrade the frontal crash dummy to a model called THOR (Test Device for Human Occupancy Restraint). THOR, which has been worked on over decades, may soon be ready to use.

Major Upgrades To Come

Fortunately, the NHTSA plans on implementing major upgrades for public comment in 2020. While this seems promising, similar promises were also made back in 2015, though the NHTSA failed to really follow up.

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