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Freeburn Law is Proud to Support the Ronald McDonald House of Hershey

Ronald McDonald House of

Being admitted to the hospital due to a serious illness can be an overwhelming time for anyone, but it can be an especially difficult time for children and their families. In 2016, 28,472 patients were admitted into Penn State Health’s Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, including children.

These patients traveled far and wide seeking medical care at Hershey Medical Center due to its prestigious rankings. U.S. News & World Report recognized Hershey Medical Center as the best hospital in south central Pennsylvania and the number 4 hospital in the state.

Because of how far people travel and how expensive medical treatment can be, it becomes difficult for all family members to stay with one another in one place.

The Ronald McDonald House of Hershey was created to keep families together by providing temporary housing for out-of-town families and children being treated at Penn State Children’s Hospital.

With donations received by the organization, they are able to support the operations of the Ronald McDonald House as well as the Ronald McDonald Family Room.

While the Ronald McDonald House was created off the premises of the hospital where seriously ill children may stay with their families, the Ronald McDonald Family Room® is located within the Children’s Hospital. The Family room provides sleeping space for patients who are too sick to leave the hospital as well as their family members, allowing them to be as comfortable as possible during their stay.

Services are provided at no cost to guests using the Ronald McDonald House and Ronald McDonald Family Room. This is all made possible by volunteers, monetary donations, and in-kind donations.

Freeburn Law is proud to donate and support this incredible organization and encourages others to get involved too.

To find out more information on how you can volunteer for the Ronald McDonald House, click here.

To donate, click here.

To see their wish list and to send in-kind donations, click here.

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