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A Weight Lifted Off My Shoulders

My experience with Freeburn and Law was great. Ryan was my attorney. I was involved in an automobile accident on September 14, 2016, where I was hit by a tractor and trailer, which left me injured and my car totaled. At first I tried to handle things on my own, but it was way to much for me to handle. When I contacted Freeburn and Law, I met with Ryan in less than 48 hrs. Once I met him, and listened to him about how they handle things like this, I felt such a release, that I did not have to be concerned about how my medical bills would be covered, and my loss of income would be taken care of. He took over and handle everything. He was very sympathetic, and very easy to get a hold of, and answered all my questions, and he kept me up to date on everything. He would often inquired on how I was doing and recovering through it all. Working with Ryan and his firm gave me peace of mind, and I knew that they truly care about their clients. They are not just in it for the money.! I was able to start healing physically and emotionally once I left this in Ryan’s hands. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family, and co-works and everyone. They are trustworthy, caring, and work with excellence in these matters.

They handled my case with ease and got more than I could ask for , I really appreciate everything the attorneys and legal assistants did for me, hopefully you don’t get hurt in a car, but if you do call FREEBURN