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Factory Job Injury

If you are a factory worker and injured on the job, Freeburn Law will fight for your rights. Just ask Haydee.

Haydee was working at her job in a factory one day when she felt something pop in the middle of her back as she was bending over to lift a box.

“It was like somebody stabbed me with a big sword,” she remembers.

She reported the injury to her supervisor, but it would be another two to three weeks before the factory even filed an accident report.

The factory sent her to the hospital for X-rays. At first the doctors told Haydee she had pulled some muscles in her back, and she could go back to work on light duty.

But things got worse. Haydee’s injury was more serious than originally thought.

Haydee showed the factory letters from her doctors, saying that she couldn’t work. But the factory ordered Haydee to come into work. If she didn’t, the factory threatened to cut her workers’ compensation.

That’s when Haydee called Larry Barone, an attorney with Freeburn Law who specializes in workers’ compensation cases.

Thanks to Larry, Haydee said she was able to keep getting all her workers’ compensation from the factory. Eventually a judge ruled in Hayde’s favor, saying the factory could not make Haydee go back to work to keep her workers’ compensation, when her doctors were saying that Haydee could no longer do her job.

Haydee got Larry’s number from a large ad that Freeburn Law placed in the Yellow Pages. But the story has a twist.

Haydee said that moments after she found Larry’s phone number, her husband gave her the phone number for an attorney who a neighbor was recommending. The attorney? The same Larry Barone.

It’s been months since Haydee’s case came to a successful close, but Larry still keeps in touch with her. Haydee said Larry calls her every once in awhile, just to see how she is doing.

“I would refer anybody that I know who needs a good lawyer to him, because I know he will help them,” Haydee says today. “I was glad that he was my lawyer. He was my lawyer at that time, and now he is my friend.

They handled my case with ease and got more than I could ask for , I really appreciate everything the attorneys and legal assistants did for me, hopefully you don’t get hurt in a car, but if you do call FREEBURN