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If I Ever Have Any Issues Again Just Know You’ll Be My Go To

Ok where do I start, after having an injury at work and all the pressure my company put on me to ignore my wellness I made some inquiries about lawyers and came across Freeburn Law. Ms. Packer was a significant help with all my treatments, very knowledgeable about her job. She’s going to make sure you’re doing good and getting the proper treatment. She’s tough against her opponents even though it didn’t seem like it because she’s soft spoken but she made things happen. I couldn’t thank her enough for all her help and patience with my case. It took a year and some months but we walked away both satisfied and that’s what you want from an individual representing you in such matters. She has been a blessing and as well as very understanding. Her assistant can’t be excluded either she was helpful as well when Ms. Packer wasn’t available. If she wasn’t knowledgeable about a concern I had she made sure Ms. Packer got to me in a timely response and/or she would reach back out with a notable response. I appreciate it greatly, keep up the good work and if I ever have any issues again just know you’ll be my go to.

They handled my case with ease and got more than I could ask for , I really appreciate everything the attorneys and legal assistants did for me, hopefully you don’t get hurt in a car, but if you do call FREEBURN