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Six-Vehicle Truck Crash Kills Two in Berks

Tractor Trailer Accident

According to the Pennsylvania State Police, a six-vehicle collision has killed at least two people in Berks County. An article on the crash is available here.

A fatal crash on I-78 in Windsor Township, Berks County has resulted in at least two fatalities. The Wednesday-afternoon collision took place at 2:38pm near mile marker 32.5 on westbound I-78. Three additional people were also injured in the crash.

At the time of the incident, vehicles on I-78 had slowed as the interstate’s two westbound lanes merged into one. A tractor-trailer approaching the slowed vehicles failed to stop—colliding with a passenger vehicle and pushing it into the back of another tractor-trailer.

The resulting chain-reaction crash involved five tractor-trailers and the single passenger vehicle. A heavy fire followed—involving two tractor-trailers and the passenger vehicle. The fire closed all lanes of I-78 for more than four hours.

About Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Due to the immense size and weight of the vehicles involved, tractor-trailer accidents can be devastating catastrophes—often involving serious injury or death. As such accidents frequently involve multiple parties, intricate insurance issues, and complex legal requirements; they typically become difficult insurance claims. If you or a loved one has been injured in a tractor-trailer accident, you need a lawyer who is committed to protecting your rights.

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