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What Dog Owners Can Do To Prevent Dog Bites

There is no way to ensure that your dog won’t bite someone, but there are definitely ways to make it less likely.

Spay, Socialize, Train

Getting your dog spayed or neutered will alone reduce the odds of your dog biting anyone. This procedure will reduce the desire to roam and fight with other dogs, which means that you dog is ultimately less likely to bite.

Don’t keep your dog on a leash in your backyard alone all the time. A dog needs to socialize just like humans do. Introducing your dog to different types of people, situations and of course, other dogs, helps to lessen the chance of nervousness in future situations. If the dog doesn’t feel frightened it will lessen the chance of him or her lashing out.

Sit. Roll over. Shake. Most dog owners know these basic commands, but they’re just the beginning of getting your dog trained. Training classes are a great way to make sure your pup is social in contrasting environments. Be sure not to just take your dog to training, but go with them. Training the family dog should be an activity your whole family does. Every member should learn the training techniques and be a part of the furry family member’s higher education.

Teach Your Dog How to Behave

Whereas training is extremely beneficial for your dog and there are professionals that are able to do that, they are not the ones responsible for teaching your dog how to behave. Dogs will often mirror the behaviors and personality traits of their owner, so avoid displaying aggressive or overly negative emotions or behaviors in front of your dog. Teaching your dog to chase after or attack others, even in a playful manner, does no future favors for your dog, or yourself, should a lawsuit occur. It is not a foregone conclusion that your pup can differentiate play from real situations.

Always be proactive in the training of your dog. Waiting for an accident to occur is waiting too late. The first time there are any behavior issues pointed toward danger toward another person contact your veterinarian, dog trainer, or community animal care.

Be Responsible

As the owner, be sure to have proper licensing for your dog as required by the law, and provide regular veterinary care. You don’t want anything to happen to your dog, and the best way to make sure of that is being wherever your dog is. Don’t let your dog roam without you, just as you wouldn’t let a young child roam without you.

Make sure you have an insurance policy for your dog, especially if there is a history of behavior problems. It will save all parties involved from a paperwork-fueled headache.

If Your Dog Bites Someone

If your dog bites someone it is of utmost importance to take the offense seriously. Confine your dog immediately, and check on the victim’s condition – if it is severe enough to warrant medical attention call 911 right away. Again, it is very important to ensure that all vaccinations have been taken care of and up to date, because this information will be very important for the victim to know.

Be sure to seek professional help in order to prevent your dog from biting again. If your dog’s behavior continues in this manner do not just give them to anyone willing to accept because you could be liable for any damage done even if they’re not technically yours anymore.

On the other hand if you were the one bitten by a dog, legal action can be taken for personal injury. Freeburn Law are available to handle all of the legal necessities of your personal injury case, and will be there every step of the way. If a dog has injured you don’t hesitate, contact your personal injury attorneys now.

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