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PA School Bus Laws: Do You Know Them?

Do You Stop For School Buses? Everyone has experienced it. You’re running late for work or a meeting and all the sudden a school bus pulls out at the stop sign and you now have to follow the school bus for who knows how long. And then the bus stops. The little red stop sign with the flashing lights extends from the left side of…

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Bus Accident in Lancaster

A Bus Accident in Lancaster County Sends 8 to Hospital. A dump truck and a school bus carrying special needs kids collided this morning, causing the school bus to overturn. The Paradise Township, Lancaster County school bus accident sent 7 children and the driver of the bus to area hospitals, none with life threatening injuries. The accident occurred at 8:25 am Monday morning at the…

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School Bus Accidents

School Bus Accidents in Philadelphia At least 10 people were taken to Philadelphia area hospitals on Wednesday as a result of two accidents involving school buses. One accident involved a school bus and 2 other vehicles and the second crash involved a school bus and several parked cars. What if you or your loved one are in an accident involving a school bus? First and foremost,…

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