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Driver Safety | 6/28/2024

Celebrate Motorcycle Safety Month: Tips for Riders & Drivers

Did you know that May was Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month? This campaign aims to remind all drivers to share the road, respect motorcyclists, and educate riders on how to stay safe while out on the road. Instituted by the National Safety Council, this month is right before peak bike-riding season, which is a great time to remind all drivers that safety is everyone’s responsibility. 

Why Motorcycle Safety Matters

Motorcyclists are 25% more likely to die in a crash than people in cars, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Unlike cars, motorcycles don't have seat belts, airbags, or the extra protection that a car body provides. Most accidents involving motorcycles are due to visibility, and all riders are encouraged to act as if drivers cannot see them. However, safety isn’t just up to the motorcycles, it’s dependent on everyone to make sure that everyone arrives alive. 

Gear Up For Every Ride

Every ride, no matter how short, should be done in full gear. Most accidents happen within three miles of your home, and even if you are riding just around the corner, you need a helmet. Gear is an essential part of the motorcycle experience, and it’s only gotten better over the years. 

  • Helmet
  • Boots
  • Shatterproof face shield
  • Airbag jackets
  • Mesh armored clothing
  • Gloves
  • Earplugs

Essential Safety Equipment for Motorcyclists 

There are three vital things to remember when picking out your equipment: quality, fit, and protection.

You don’t need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on your safety equipment, but you can’t skip out on your safety. All of your gear should be made of high-quality material that fits you well. Gear that has a good fit isn’t just about looks, it's about protection. This way, any armor is in the right place, protecting you where it should in case of a crash. Your helmet being the most important piece of equipment that needs to be replaced every five years and never to be second hand will keep you alive. All the gear, all the time. 

Sharing The Road

Sharing the road is everyone’s responsibility, but it starts with motorcyclists, who must ensure their own safety and drive defensively. 

  • Assume that drivers do not see you 
  • Practice Practice PRACTICE
  • Inspect your bike before every ride
  • Take safety and advanced riding courses
  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Keep your distance and have an escape route

How Car Drivers Can Keep Motorcyclists Safe

Look twice and save a life. A phrase spread far and wide by NDOT to encourage drivers to check for motorcyclists. Sharing the road with motorcycles is all about giving them space. Do not share lanes, increase your following distance, pay extra attention when making left turns, and exercise extra caution at night or in bad weather. It’s hard to gauge their speed, but motorcycles are able to move and react more quickly than cars, giving them space allows them to focus on themselves and ride safely. This space also prevents large winds from disturbing their balance as you pass them and allows you enough time to react if they do go rubber side up.

We’re Here to Help

Pennsylvania is one of the top states for motorcycle injuries, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If you have been in an accident on a motorcycle in Pennsylvania, it’s important to hire a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawyer. You will have a dedicated, experienced, and, most importantly, local legal team to help you recover any damages you’ve suffered. Harrisburg Personal Injury Lawyers is just that team to help you and your loved ones should you ever find yourself in a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle accident claims are different and more tricky than any other claim, battling injuries, outdated perceptions, insurance, and medical care that you don’t have to do alone. Our experienced team will be able to fight for your rights so you don’t pay for others' negligent actions or settle for low offers or denied claims.

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