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Falsely Blamed for a Motorcycle Accident in Pennsylvania? Here’s What to Do

Accident with motorcycle at a crossroads

Accidents on the road are inherently scary for all those involved, especially when a motorcycle is involved. A motorbike’s lack of physical protection can lead to more devastating injuries than buckled in a car or truck. Most suffer serious injuries when in an accident on their motorcycle, and then are falsely accused of the motorcycle accident as well! If you are struck on the road by a driver who didn’t check twice for motorcycles, stay calm, document what you can, and get legal representation from Freeburn Law. 

Why Motorcyclists Need Strong Legal Representation After Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are usually caused by negligent drivers who fail to check twice for bikes that may be around them. Changing lanes without proper indication, distracted driving, and tailgating, are some of the most common ways that their negligence causes these accidents. However, as a motorcyclist, insurance companies may automatically place you at fault from their preconceptions, and biases. Freeburn Law will be able to guide you through the intricacies of Pennsylvania’s legal processes and provide you with strong representation.

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Laws

The motorcycle laws in the state of Pennsylvania focus on the safety training of the drivers. They have many laws regarding learner’s permits, helmets, and inspections, plus extensive training and clinics that drivers need to be safe on the road. Laws on lane splitting, although illegal and controversial, have their loopholes, and the compensation is based on your motorcycle insurance coverage

What is Comparative Negligence?

Comparative negligence essentially equates your fault with your compensation for your accident. Following a 51% rule, the state of Pennsylvania says that if you were less than 51% at fault for the accident you can still recover damages. Under this law, you can still hold a level of liability and recover partial financial compensation.

Facing a False Accusation in a Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident

After obtaining the support of a motorcycle accident attorney, they will handle all communications with the other involved parties to keep you protected. A tense legal battle after you’ve just been in an accident is overwhelming, and an experienced personal injury attorney will be able to take that burden and provide you with justice. 

Motive for False Accusations

No driver wants to admit that they were the liable party in a crash, and unfortunately, that can lead them to falsely accusing you of fault in the collision. Why might a driver lie about the accident?

  • Fear of legal consequences
  • Financial responsibility
  • Protecting their driving record
  • Not having a valid driver’s license
  • Lack of insurance

Protecting Yourself After a Motorcycle Accident in Pennsylvania

If the other driver is lying about the collision, and falsely reporting it, you can take legal action beyond just damages. Cases such as defamation, fraudulent misrepresentation, or a false police report can be filed if the other driver persists with these false allegations. Especially if these result in financial losses on your end. Another driver’s dishonestly impacts your ability to recover from collisions, and representation from our experienced attorneys at Freeburn Law is paramount in these complex cases. They will understand your legal options and help you to build the strongest case. 

Steps to Take After an Accident

If you find yourself in an accident on your motorcycle the first thing to do is to seek medical attention and call the appropriate authorities. Call 911 immediately. Report any injuries at the scene of the crash and ask for multiple ambulances if necessary. Even if you do not feel like you are injured you still need to be seen by medical professionals. If not at the time of the accident then later that day or the next. After the shock wears off you may find that you are more injured than you believed, and a lot of injuries from these accidents don’t show up until later. 

Remain calm and avoid admitting fault. Even if it’s a simple apology when you are checking in with the other party can unfortunately be considered admitting fault. 

If you are not seriously injured, gather as much evidence as you can. Not just images of your bike and the damages, but the surrounding road, traffic, and anything that can be considered as information to identify the fault. Then exchange all necessary insurance information with all involved parties.

Finally, make sure to notify your insurance company with an honest and descriptive account of the accident and reach out to a legal team who can help you navigate the remainder of this process. 

When to Get a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Involved 

Speaking to a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible is imperative. An experienced attorney, with a record of success in motorcycle accidents, will be able to help you with every layer of your personal injury claim. With such a complicated legal process a lawyer will be able to help with determining liability in the claim and educate you on comparative negligence laws in Pennsylvania. 

Also, families should feel supported in suing liable parties in the tragedy of a fatal accident. Speaking with a legal team as soon as possible will keep your case strong, and ensure that you don’t miss any statutes of limitations.  

Freeburn Law: Protecting Pennsylvania Motorcyclists

Accidents are a whirlwind of fear, repairs, bills, and a lot of paperwork, and while these accidents can be tricky Freeburn Law takes the time to understand each unique case. 

This personalized approach is designed to secure the highest compensation for our clients and their families. Injuries can make traveling difficult, and we come to you when you need professional representation as soon as possible. 

Contact us today and our accident attorney will go the extra mile and visit you at your home or even in the hospital. This time is challenging but let us help you recover compensation while you recover. 

Christina and Jessica are a dynamic duo. They will make sure everything that needs to be done will be done. They make sure to stay on top of things and will not leave you in the dark about anything. Highly recommend this firm.