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Firm News | 12/04/2014

Injured Officer Wins $120,000

Freeburn Law Helps Injured Officer Receive Settlement

A 911 call was made by a homeowner who wanted his friend removed from his home. The friend was behaving in a strange and threatening manner. It was later determined that he was suffering from severe mental illness and was high on illegal drugs. Several police officers arrived to find a strong young man who was delusional and agitated. The officers determined that the man needed to be removed from the home for a mental health evaluation. He became violent and refused to leave. The officers needed to use force to control him, and he and several police officers ended up on the ground. One injured officer suffered an injury to his wrist, which ended his career.

Workers’ Compensation did not cover all of the damages, so the injured officer called Freeburn Law. The firm has handled many cases for injured officers and is experienced in hand and wrist injury cases. Richard E. Freeburn made a claim against the homeowner’s insurance carrier, who denied the claim for several reasons. One reason was that the man who caused the injury was not on the homeowner’s insurance policy and was not related to the homeowner.  The insurance carrier was confident that they would win. However, Freeburn filed suit against them.  After a lot of hard fighting, Freeburn was able to obtain a $120,000 settlement for the injured officer.

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