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Workers' Compensation Claims | 1/29/2018

Nurse Assaulted by Patient at UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg Hospital

The goal of healthcare workers is to heal others and make them better.  But, the healthcare profession is rife with risk and dangers.  Research shows that more workers are injured in accidents and other causes in the healthcare and social assistance professions than any other industry.

There are a variety of risks that healthcare workers face, including back injuries from heavy lifting and a host of other injuries related to job duties.  Patient violence is another risk that healthcare and social assistance professionals experience.

Recently, a nurse at UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg Hospital was assaulted by a patient after she directed the patient to return to his room.  The assault caused several injuries including multiple cuts and abrasions.  The patient was charged with aggravated assault on medical staff.

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In addition to violence in the workplace, there are several other risks healthcare workers are faced with including, but not limited to:

  • Injury from heavy lifting and/or repetitive physical behaviors
  • Laser hazards
  • Chemical and drug exposures
  • Gas exposures
  • Respiratory hazards

While hospitals and facilities work hard to ensure a safe environment for all and minimize these risks, there will always be risks present to healthcare workers.

Freeburn Law has represented numerous healthcare and social service professionals who have been injured on the job due to a myriad of causes, including several who have been injured by patient assaults.

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