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Road Trip Safety Tips

Stay Safe on Your Road Trip

Road TripSpring time is here. Summer isn’t too far off. Over the course of the next few weeks, college kids will be flooding home and the younger kids will be wrapping up their school year. What will you and your kids be doing this summer? Have a road trip planned? Whether you are driving towards a destination, or just taking a fun road trip to see the sites, the staff at Freeburn Law wants you to be safe on the roads.

Get Enough Sleep: Drowsy Driving is dangerous and can cause the driver to feel the same effects of driving under the influence. Switch drivers every few hours or plan frequent stops. Stopping for snacks and fresh air can keep you alert. While driving at night, keeping your car off cruise control in order to focus on maintaining your speed can also help keep you alert.

Have an Alternate Route in Case of Bad Weather: Not only can bad weather put a damper on your mood and slow down your trip, it can be dangerous.

Sit Properly and Wear Your Seatbelt: This is a go-to rule for any safe driving. On a road trip, however, you may be more inclined to put your shoulder strap behind you or prop your feet up on the dashboard. While these may be more comfortable positions on long trips, they are not safe ways to ride.

Get Your Car Checked Out: Before heading out on your road trip, take your car to the shop to get it checked out. Are your tires safe? Is the oil tank okay? Having a safe and up-to-date car can help minimize road accidents and the possibility that you will have to pull over in an unsafe place.

As always, following the law, including not driving under the influence, are key components to staying safe in a car, no matter how far you are going. Although it is not possible to control other drivers, it is always important to be safe in the ways that you can control. Please remember that following these tips do not guarantee that you will not get into an accident, we only hope that they will help to minimize the likelihood that you will get into an accident, or lessen your injuries should you get into one. A road trip can be fun, but accidents and injuries can ruin that fun in an instant.

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