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Walking to School Safely

Each morning, hundreds of kids take off from their homes to walk to school alone. Walking to school gives kids the opportunity to get daily exercise and be outside. Studies have also shown that walking to school increases responsibility and independence and leads to improved academic performance.

However, there are also dangers associated with kids walking to school alone. As with many things in life, you cannot control how other people will act, but you can take measures to ensure that you are as safe as possible. Below are some safety tips to teach your kids in order to be as safe as possible from cars while walking to school.

1) Walk on sidewalks or as far to the left (facing traffic) as possible.
2) Obey pedestrian rules. Cross at crosswalks and corners. Follow traffic signals.
3) Make eye contact with drivers and keep an eye out for cars that are backing up or turning. Don’t dart out into the street.
4) Put down devices and take out headphones while crossing the street.
5) Wear bright colored clothing to help drivers see you.

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