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What Kind of Motorcycle Insurance Do I Need?

motorcycle driver

A Quick Guide to Insurance Requirements for Motorcyclists in Pennsylvania

As with other drivers, motorcyclists are required to carry insurance. Each state sets the minimum level of liability coverage that a person needs in order to legally operate a vehicle on public roads. Operating a motorcycle is one of the great joys in life; being properly insured keeps everyone on the road protected in the event of an accident.

At Freeburn Law, we fight for riders that are injured in motorcycle accidents throughout Central Pennsylvania. Our experienced legal team has secured multiple multi-million dollar victories for our clients and will fight to get you the recovery you deserve. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact our office at (717) 777-7777 for a free consultation. 

Pennsylvania Insurance Requirements for Motorcycle Riders

Pennsylvania requires that motorcycle operators maintain a mandatory minimum amount of liability coverage. Liability insurance covers another person (including your passenger) if they are injured or suffer property damage in an accident that was your fault. 

Pennsylvania minimum liability coverage:

  • $15,000 bodily injury
  • $30,000 for each accident
  • $5,000 property damage

Many drivers opt to get higher liability amounts or optional coverages. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, it is essential to remember that you have rights. You should never admit to fault without first speaking with an experienced attorney. 

Optional Coverages for Motorcyclists

Many insurers offer optional coverages that can protect you from having to pay out of pocket in the event that you are injured, or your bike is damaged in an accident.

Common optional coverages for motorcycle riders include:

  • Collision  – Collision coverage provides compensation if your bike is damaged as a result of a collision with another vehicle or object.
  • Comprehensive – Comprehensive (sometimes referred to as “other than collision”) covers less common damages such as losses related to fire, flooding, hail, contact with an animal, and more.
  • UM/UIM – Uninsured/Underinsured is one of the most important coverages that a person can obtain. It covers damages if the person who caused the accident was uninsured or underinsured (had insufficient insurance to cover your losses).

It is vital to shop around to find the most competitive rate and to get the insurance and optional coverages that will protect you if you are involved in an accident.

Discounts for Motorcycle Riders in Pennsylvania 

Most reputable insurance providers offer discounts for motorcycle riders in the state. Make sure to inquire about what discount rates are available and if you can combine deals for further savings.

Discounts typically offered for Pennsylvania bikers:

  • Safety course discount. Motorcyclists that have completed a safety course and have obtained a certificate of completion may be eligible for a reduced rate.
  • Military discount. Active and former members of the United States military are often given a discounted rate.
  • Bundling discount. An insurer that offers both home and auto insurance may provide you with a reduced rate if you buy multiple policies.
  • Anti-lock braking discount. Some insurers offer savings if your bike has a “factory-installed anti-lock braking system.”
  • Safe driving record discount. Being accident-free for several years can help you save on your insurance premium.
  • Membership discount. You may receive a discount for being a member of or having affiliation with certain groups.

Each insurer offers different discounts. Restrictions may apply, so it is important to discuss this in detail with your agent. 

Fighting for Your Rights After a Motorcycle Accident

At Freeburn Law, we fight for riders that are injured. We are steadfast believers in protecting the rights of motorcyclists and work tirelessly to recover compensation for those injured or killed in accidents. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Harrisburg or throughout Pennsylvania, contact our office at (717) 777-7777 for a free consultation.

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