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What to Do if You Are Hurt in a Bike Accident?

A cyclist getting into an accident with a car is terrifying. If you are the one riding the bike it is even scarier, but it’s important you try and remain focused. The next steps that you make are critical to what transpires next with yourself and the case with the police. Remaining composed and focused will be very necessary for things to go smoothly in case of legal action after your bike accident.

The Police Will Be There Soon

Even if you think you are okay, it is best that you wait for the police to arrive. This is your opportunity to state what happened from your position. This is also quite handy in case you are injured. Sometimes minor injuries will develop into more serious problems in the future, and this might be your only time to properly identify the driver.

Just hold tight and wait for the police. It will not do you any good to negotiate with the driver at fault prior to their arrival. On most cases the driver will realize that they were the ones at fault and accept blame for the accident. Therefore, it is best for proper results to just document mentally and with photos what exactly happened at the scene.

State Your Side of the Case

In some cases, the police officer does not bother taking the statement from the cyclist, as in most cases the cyclist was not aware of the situation prior to the accident. Do not let this happen to you. Do everything you can to allow your story to be heard in the police report. Make sure all of your injuries are documented (even the smallest ones) in case they grow into a problem later on.

Obtain Driver and Witness Contact Information

Do try to obtain all necessary information from the driver that hit you. Their name (first and foremost), their address, phone number insurance information, license plate, and don’t forget their phone number. If you are not hurt badly, try and get the contact information of bystanders as well. You will not need their insurance number or anything like that, but their name and phone number could definitely help.

Get Checked Out

Go see a doctor or specialist as soon as you can. Even the smallest of injuries are worth being checked out in case they grow into something worse in the future. Going to the doctor can act as your “receipt” of injury documenting that you were indeed hurt in your accident.

Maintain the State of All Evidence

This one can be easily overlooked, especially if your bike was wrecked and is your main form of transportation. Leave everything in the same condition it was after the accident. Don’t try to get anything fixed or inspected. Keep the clothing the same, your helmet the same, and make sure you keep everything to yourself with the exception of your attorney.

Contact an Injury Lawyer

Freeburn Law are the professionals you need that can answer all of your questions, and handle all of the complicated bits of your case. Do not wait until it is too late, and call as soon as you can.

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Stephen Schneider has been an amazing attorney in my case. It has been a long & stressful journey for me but, He has kept me positive & Focus at all times. His honesty and straight forward demeanor made me trust his knowledge. Attorney Schneider made sure I understood everything step by step as clear as possible. He takes the time and devoted attention to provide you with the best possible information on your case. We can’t forget his assistant Tonya Masser, this young lady is an amazing person, she also makes sure to inform and explain to you if necessary any information given to her by the attorney.