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Workers’ Compensation Wage Loss Benefits

I’m Not Working At All Due to My Work Injury. Am I Entitled to Wage Loss Benefits?

The employer/insurance company is required to pay injured workers for a percentage of their lost wages up to a maximum limit, beginning on the 8th day of wage loss. If the injured workers loses more than 14 days of work they are entitled to recover the first 7 days of wage loss benefits.

To determine your workers’ compensation wage loss benefits, the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation uses a formula to calculate your pre-injury average weekly wage . Since, there are several different formulas that may be used to calculate your pre-injury average weekly wage: it is important to ensure that the formula that is used most accurately reflects your weekly earnings prior to your work injury.

If  you have more than one (1) employer at the time of injury, the wages from all employers are included for purposes of calculating your pre-injury average weekly wage.

Your pre-injury average weekly wage is then applied to a rate schedule established by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, which is updated every year.

A Maximum Compensation Rate exists, and this is the maximum amount of weekly benefits that you can receive no matter how high your pre-injury average weekly wage.

If you have lost wages due to a work injury, contact Freeburn Law to discuss the amount of money you are entitled to receive from your employer/insurance company. Our workers’ compensation attorneys are certified by the Pennsylvania Bar Association as Workers’ Compensation Law Specialists. Our attorneys attained this certification through demonstrating sufficient years of experience and knowledge of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law by passing a rigorous exam. Call us today at the 7’s, that is (717) 777-7777. Freeburn Law has 12 offices located throughout Central Pennsylvania for the convenience of our clients. Or, we can come to you. We can meet with you at a time and place of your convenience.

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