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Workers’ Compensation Rights

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Rights

A worker who is injured in a work accident may be entitled to Worker’s Compensation benefits. However, the workers’ compensation laws and  procedures are complicated. Injured workers must know their workers’ compensation rights!  Knowing your workers’ compensation rights can mean getting medical attention, compensation and benefits that you deserve. The workers’ compensation attorneys at Freeburn Law can help you with any questions that you may have about a work-related accident. Our workers’ compensation attorneys are certified by the Pennsylvania Bar Association as specialists in the practice of workers’ compensation law. Our attorneys achieved this high distinction based on their years and depth knowledge and experience of workers’ compensation law. There are less than 200 attorneys in Pennsylvania that have achieved this certification by the Pennsylvania Bar Association. You can trust Freeburn Law workers’ compensation lawyers to know Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation law.

For example, there are time limits throughout the process, and failing to follow the time limits can result in the loss of benefits.

Once injured, the injured worker must tell a supervisor that they were injured at work. This is called, “giving notice.” The injured worker cannot assume that the employer knows about the injury or that a co-worker told the employer. In addition, it is not enough to tell a co-worker. The injured worker must tell a supervisor. In addition it is not enough to tell the employer that you’ve been hurt. The injured worker must tell a supervisor that they have been hurt as a result of something that happened at work. Providing proper notice to your supervisor, can assure your workers’ compensation rights.

Notice to the employer of the work accident should be given within 21 days of the injury, but it is best to tell a supervisor right away. There is an absolute time limit of 120 days within which proper notice must be given. In some cases, the time limits can be extended, but it complicated. Providing immediate notice to your employer that you have been injured at work is the first step in assuring your workers’ compensation rights.

In addition, the amount of benefits that an injured worker is entitled to is very complicated and employers and workers’ compensation carriers often get it wrong. Attorneys from Freeburn Law have been protecting injured workers since 1982. They know your workers’ compensation rights and will make sure you and your family receive the compensation you deserve.

The type of benefits an injured worker is entitled to receive is complicated and employers, and workers’ compensation carriers often fail to tell the injured worker about all the types of workers’ compensation benefits they are entitled to.

The time limits within which workers’ compensation benefits must be paid is complicated and workers’ compensation carriers often fail to pay benefits in time or for the full duration that the injured worker is entitled to benefits.

The employer and workers’ compensation carrier’s rights are complicated. For example, do they have the right to make you treat with their doctors? Do they have the right to make you sign papers? Do they have the right to make you take a job you don’t want or can’t do? The workers’ compensation carriers often get it wrong.
You cannot trust that your employer or the workers’ compensation carrier will take care of you or to tell you all your rights.

If you want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about your workers’ compensation rights, call Freeburn Law. Our attorneys can answer your questions. We are available 24/7, weekdays and weekends, at your home, or any of our offices located Harrisburg, Lebanon, Gettysburg, Carlisle, Camp Hill, Lewistown, MifflintownHuntingdon, and more.

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At 70yrs. of age, I have never been in a car accident, nor have I ever had a moving violation! So, needless to say, that the trauma of being involved in an accident that I did not cause, where my car, (which was only 6mos. old) was totaled!) and I received 2 broken bones in my left ankle that warrented surgery…was nothing short of devastating! It’s been 9mos. and I’m still healing! But while I was in the ER, the only injury attorney’s name and number that came to my mind was Freeburn and the 7’s! Well, in came Ryan McDaniels, and ever since that initial encounter at my home, I was thoroughly convinced that the Lord had orchestrated it! This young man’s demeanor, personality, and integrity was awesome! He kept me well informed and I trusted him emphatically! Not only him, but everyone in their office, showed me the utmost respect and courtesies! I would, without any reservations, refer anyone who asked me, to this firm! They made for me a wonderful experience from the most devastatingly, traumatic situation I’ve ever had! Definitely 2 thumbs up!